Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! Well... half way through the first month already but what the heck! hehe.
Well, thanks to the fantastic patronage during the Nest clearing sale, last weekend I closed the doors on Nest...but as they say, one door closes and another one opens {hopefully in the not too distant future!}
A year of slowly  detoxing, and a bathroom cabinet full of organic and natural products later, I think I am narrowing it down to best of the best I wish to share with you.
That is going to be the thing with the conception of "Avalon" I guess, I feel I am embarking on a quest! We live in a world now where we are stepping through a minefield of misinformation. Where we believe the likes of those wearing the white coats, with multiple letters following their names because they are the ones that have studied all these years and have trained in professions that we believe are working towards the health and safety of humankind? Funny how slowly the lies are becoming made more and more aware...
My wish for Avalon is to create a space where you as the consumer may  enter and enjoy a tranquil haven. As well as having a purely decadent treatment,  you may also purchase and take away products that   can be  confidently used knowing that  they are not literally killing you! Sorry, that may seem a rather dramatic statement, however the things that I am reading about would make your toes curl!!!
This is also where I would love to hear any suggestions from you out there! If you are using and loving a product that is natural and certified organic please let me know! Like I said, the creation of Avalon is going to be a journey of sharing so any input would be very happily and gratefully received . I will be here with an update very soon! xox

image via pinterest