Monday, August 30, 2010

Check out this little guy!!

Well, I came home from a very successful day spent at Niche Markets with my BFF, to find my husband had done a wonderful job... In fact, I think I've created a monster! lol...

At Niche, as well as catching up with Michelle - two and six, Rosie - Notions, Susan- Blackeyed Susie, and Penguins' own gorgeous Lyn Broomhall - Lyn's Maille (find her at the Penguin Market!), I also met some lovely new people and checked out their beautiful products. So please keep popping in as I'll have some new locals in store very soon!

As I always seem to be preaching, there is no doubt there is something wonderful about handmade....The little fat sparrow above is an adorable example...These little guys are made by one of our own from down south, Tonia Gretschmann...I do have a few in store for sale, however people tend to gulp when they see the price on this tiny work of art.

That is why Tonia has put together a complete sewing kit (at a fraction of the price!!) with everything you need in it to make your own...All that you need to supply is the time and of course the patience...:0)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Michelle Dupont - Photographer Extraordinaire

These beautiful shots I just had to share....They were taken by the amazing Michelle Dupont. I have told Michelle that I believe that she is living the creative life that I can only dream about :)

This beautiful lady turns what appears ordinary through the camera lens, into the view her work please follow the link above. Her stunning portrait work will leave you in awe....
You can also meet Michelle this weekend if you visit the Niche Market in Launceston. There you will find her selling her wares as result of her other talents; knitting, crocheting, sewing, paper craft......As I said, she is amazing!!

If all goes to plan, I too shall be at the market, wandering around the 50 or so stall holders, searching and sourcing hopefully for new wares for 'Nest'. I'm very excited! I will also be catching up with some that already sell in my store; Rosie from Notions and Susan from Blackeyed Susie....
If you go into the store on Saturday, the dark handsome man behind the counter will be 'mine' husband, Tony...He is very keen to have a good day in my absence however has requested that I announce there will be NO gift wrapping that Please be kind to him! I may need him to work in the future and wish not to have him left emotionally scarred! lol

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have you met Miss Jones?

White, simple and classy....This best describes the beautiful raw bone china pieces of the lovely Miss Jennifer Jones...This little bunny below is an example of one of the gorgeous lamps that I currently have in store...I think of them as night lights for grownups :)......other lamps include owls, squirrels and a stunning nest with a little bird perched on the side..

As well as lamps there are many other everyday objects forever immortalised in china including birdhouse votives, intricate keys (make a lovely house warming gift) and button dishes..."Have you Met Miss Jones" has just launched their latest collection so watch this space as I will definitely have some new treasures in "Nest" very soon...

Nestled amongst "Millie Paper + Cloth" stationery and the beautiful re-usable journal covers from "Rabbit and the Duck" (more about them another time)..........

What a view these bunnies have!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Penelope and Pip

image from Penelope and Pip
" Original illustrations of a world of make believe..."

These are the whimsical creations of Rachael Smith, the clever artist behind the label "Penelope and Pip."

I must say I am obsessed with art prints! There is something about looking at these little characters that warms the cockles of my inner child..:)

I'm starting to collate a bit of a collection in store of various artists, Rachael being one of them. These little prints make beautiful gifts framed or unframed, and the thing that I love about Rachael's is the little story that compliments each picture...This one I'd like to share with you is the story behind the illustration above...

"The bunting was up, her scarf was on to protect her from the little snowy squalls racing around the base of the barren winter trees and sitting next to her was her favourite friend, Pip. "What a beautiful day for a party!" she exclaimed. All that was left to do was to wait for the guests to give them a warm hello...."
.......................................too cute x

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Millie Paper + Cloth

Amelia Jones is the talented Tassie girl behind the gorgeous stationery label 'Millie - Paper + Cloth'. Amelia's original designs are lovingly handmade using quality materials. Her stationery is eco friendly and she uses recycled paper from a certified sustainable source wherever possible

From gift tags, cards and writing sets there will be a design sure to appeal to every avid writer...

Oh! Come in and checkout the store soon! I've had lots of new goodies arriving this week...I get sooo excited! :) . It's just like Christmas!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bring Back Snail Mail!!

Not long after I opened , a gorgeous girl and her little munchkin Ella came into my store...A week or so later I received a beautiful letter in the mail,( and I'm not talking envelope with the see through window!), but beautiful stationery, hand written, real deal snail mail!! I was so excited!

As much as I adore gorgeous papers, hand made writing sets and beautiful cards, I'd actually forgotten how exciting it is to receive a "letter" in the mail.....

I am from the generation of writing letters. My best friend in primary school sadly moved to Qld, however we religiously wrote to each other every week. We didn't have emails, texting or facebook back then,(omg I sound old! and I can remember the excitement of jumping off the bus, racing to the letter box to see if there was a little envelope,usually with a kitten's face on it :), addressed to me.......Mind you, the fatter the envelope the better! Why? Because it meant there were heaps of pages, lots of news and maybe even a sticker or two...

We NEED to regain the art of letter writing! Let us teach it to our kids! Over the next few weeks I'd like to focus on some of the beautiful stationery I have in store but for now a glimpse can be seen above, courtesy of Allana from 'high maintenance hippy'. You can follow her adventures by clicking on her link ....

Till next week, start limbering up those writing fingers..:) x