Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a deer little beanie!

Tiny Owls Magic Attic

Now... I'm not trying to wish away Summer {Uh...but then again..what Summer?} However as I sit here feeling the slightest bit chilly, I couldn't help but share these sweet knitting patterns I stumbled across...How cute is the beanie!!...hmmm...I'm tempted to get out the knitting needles {Click on the link above for patterns}...If I start now I could possibly have it done ready for this winter.....or next :)


  1. I nearly fell of my chair when I saw that beanie. It's just so utterly adorabubble!!!! x

  2. I agree....i crochet but i have set myself a goal of learning to knit this year...what a good excuse to start.

  3. hmm it would take me about that long too! thanks for the links. too cute