Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ourlieu....Summer '14!..

It wasn't hard to feel inspired when the new Summer range of Ourlieu cushions arrived the other day! With the sun shining brightly, these gorgeous designs had me dreaming of beaches, warm weather and pina coladas! :)

Rock on Summer! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chalk Chook! ...

A new arrival today! Gorgeous handmade, non-toxic chalk from the lovely Mel of Brisbane makes a very cute and quirky gift for a little person that you know. Today has been a student free day for our kiddies in Penguin so it was very timely that my precious Luke was in store today to give the chalk a road test :)

Packaged in craft gift boxes and also as small individual "party favours" for only a couple of dollars, these little beauties would also make a lovely stocking filler! By the way, Luke has given the chalk two thumbs up! :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Easing into it gently...

No! This is not really a Christmas window display!? Just thinking Spring! Fuzzy lamb garlands that remind me of bunny tails and gorgeous porcelain mushrooms like those that pop up after the lawn has been sprinkled with spring rain and then bathed in a wash of sunshine. Definitely not Christmas yet! ;)! :)

Button trees $22

Miss Jones decorations for only $10!

& beautiful cards by Miriam and Hannah Cox...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Hoo's" thinking of gifts?? ....

Argghh!!! As much as I think to is happening again! I feel like I've climbed on to the roller coaster ride that is about to send me hurtling into December  far too quickly ! I guess however it is happening to most of us, so maybe it's time to start preparing for yet another silly season :)
If you are one who likes to be organised, here is a selection of beautiful little gifts that would be sure to bring a smile to many a face. Owls are still a hot favourite! The added bonus with these little guys are  they also come at  some very hot prices with a sale reduction on selected "Have You Met Miss Jones" treasures!!
 Pencil cup - $26
 Sticky notes - $19.95
 Owl tealight - $20 {were $39!}
 Owl Lamp - $90!!! {were $135}
Owl trinket box $15, and Papa and Mini Kid owl $8 each
Amazing savings!! Owl be seeing you soon! ...:)