Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Snaps!

Having a background in interior design, I LOVE IT when I come across something different to use as a wall decoration...Needless to say it was love at first sight when I spied Susannah Tuckers' photo blocks.

Susannah takes the most dreamy polariod shots that instantly transpose you to another space in time....
Used singularly on a bookshelf or grouped in a collection mounted on the wall, these little images can't help but make you feel happy.....

The Butterfly Collection

Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Sister

I feel very fortunate that to find one of my stockists I didn't even have to leave town!

Janine Morris is one very clever lady.....

The afternoon before NEST opened, (organised?..I think not!) I rang her to see if she would be interested in supplying me? Being the gorgeous girl she is, Janine madly went about sewing her fingers to the bones (!), to bring me an array of delightful goodies the very next day! (Thankyou Janine! I will always be grateful:))

Janine is the creator of the sweet little toys I have in store that have been 'upcycled' using old blankets. One little guy was even made out of an old dressing gown, the same fabric of one which my father still wears!! Oh dear....:)
You can even have a go making a little penguin of your own using the gorgeous sewing kits she has put together. I also stock the colourful resin jewellery she makes using imprints of fossils, the baskets she weaves and the stunning wrap skirts she sews! So busy!!
At present Janine is working on her latest design, the "Dolly' watch this space as I'm sure to have one in stock very soon!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gabrielle Morgan Jewellery

The universe works in funny ways and it NEVER ceases to amaze me the way situations or people are brought into my life...

My next talented jewellery artist walked into NEST on a visit from Canberra, here to celebrate an important milestone birthday with her family..She was wearing the most stunning necklace composed of lace, resin and bits and pieces of vintage collectables....The next thing we were talking; I was ordering; and a business friendship was born...

Isn't it funny though when you sense you have a connection with someone? Long story short, I received an email from Gabby Morgan saying 'Hey, you know my parents!'....turns out I actually lived in a small house for a while owned by Gabby's lovely parents! This house I credit for enabling me to 'meet' my gorgeous husband! He lived on the opposite side of the road, down a bit, and when I would open my living room curtains he would be at his kitchen sink and we would wave!:)

BUT ANYWAY!.... Back on track...Self taught Gabby creates beautiful necklaces that can be worn in many a lariat, entwined with a scarf, shortened, lengthened or even wrapped around your wrist.

She uses vintage bias binding off lingerie, silk cord, fresh water pearls, glass beads, vintage crystals, old watch faces, resin pieces etc!!....(all of exquisite quality) to make the most irresistible pieces. I only have a few left in stock, however I am looking forward to receiving a package in the mail very soon......I'll be sure to let you know!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some pictures to tempt xx

Nothing quite compares with an item that has been handmade..As a product is made it is filled with a loving energy that can only come when being created in the hands of an artist who is passionate about their craft.

This is what I'm looking for when sourcing products for NEST...Sure you will find a few mass produced bits and bobs over time (I can't help passing up on things that are a bit quirky!), however, my main aim is to find things that are unique, beautiful and made with love...

Over time I will introduce you to the many talented designers that supply me with their gorgeous work....The first off the ranks is Helen Mansbridge of PILIPALA PIECES... This clever lady has produced a stunning range of pendant pieces which she makes by recycling old "scrabble" pieces! She also mounts them on Tasmanian Blackwood and has just produced a new line which I'm hoping to stock in NEST very soon... Oh, forgot to mention, Helen's one of our own talented, Tasmanian designers!
Also checkout the tea towels hanging on the wall..These too are Helen's. They have been inspired by the nursery rhyme "Fly away Peter, Fly away Paul"....There is also "Come back Peter", "Come back Paul".....Perfect gift for the Peter or Paul in your life (Just depending on what mood you're in!)......too cute!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome to Nest!!

Well here first post!....My first of what I hope will become many, if I can work this whole blogging process out! I am definitely not from the computer generation, and to the many who do this with their eyes closed, setting up this blog has caused me just a 'slight' bit of my friend Michelle Dupont would agree, as she listened to a flustered me, whilst she calmly tried to explain over the phone, how to attach a header using the gorgeous photo she took of my shop window...

So please bear with me as I get a grasp of blogging and I look forward to sharing Nest with you in the process....