Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A spring in my step!

This week has been incredibly exciting! The highlight being "Country Style" magazine was here on Tuesday doing a photo shoot for one of their up and coming issues!!! I have been a long time reader of this magazine and I am so thrilled that Nest is going to one day soon be gracing their pages!!! Not sure when as yet, however be rest assured you will definitely know! :)

For now here are a few pics of my store window bursting with Spring colour....


  1. Fresh and fabulous and very clever as many of us do have an extra bounce in our step a bit like your lovely bunny.

    You inspired me to change the scrabble tiles that sit in a montage on my desk - imagine my amazement then when I could find every letter except the 'p'. I think they were used to make an "Happy Birthday" poster and haven't been replaced. Needless to say my montage now says "Sing" which is almost as nice.

    Happy day!

  2. That chair is to die for Nat! Love your style! So excited for you about Country Style - eeek :)