Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Through the Eyes of a Child...

I just wanted to share these images with you...They were taken by my 12 year old step daughter..She has a keen interest in photography and I envy her being able to "play" with a camera and experiment at such a young age..(No such thing as digital when I was 12!!)..I may be bias, and this is only a sample, but I think she definately has an artistic eye...


  1. Fantastic photos! Yep, definately an artist in the making. :)

  2. she definately has it !

    kids have an amazing ability to see so acutely - things adults would miss as their focus has less perifory.

    aren't kids lucky to have access to digital cameras so easily these days without the added cost of processing everything - back in the good ol' days . . . - HA!
    definately a "point" for technology in this case

  3. Fantastic photos Nat - I look forward to seeing her shots for sale in your shop one day!! :)

  4. Your daughter's pictures are beautiful......she definitely has talent!