Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yarn Bombed!!

I promised to show you more over the weekend and now here it is the end of another week again! At last you can see the end result of the gorgeous fuzzy yarn "makeover" that the lovely Janine Morris of "Second Sister" created on the pole outside of Nest! It's beautiful!
Be it the dreary weather of late or exhaustion of a recent house move, Ive been feeling like my creative inspiration has been at an all time low. Having Janine arrive on my doorstep with beautiful wares, props and balls of yarn was exactly what was needed to inspire me to find my mojo! Her assistance in dressing my tiny window space with woolly wrapped branches, and eclectic treasures has resulted in visual delight for all to enjoy... 

  Above are tactile little fuzzy brooches handmade by Janine...Thank you lovely lady! Your constant inspiration and gorgeous smile were exactly what the doctor ordered! I'd definitely's a wrap! :) 

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