Tuesday, October 1, 2013

"Hoo's" thinking of gifts?? ....

Argghh!!! As much as I think to myself...breathe...it is happening again! I feel like I've climbed on to the roller coaster ride that is about to send me hurtling into December  far too quickly ! I guess however it is happening to most of us, so maybe it's time to start preparing for yet another silly season :)
If you are one who likes to be organised, here is a selection of beautiful little gifts that would be sure to bring a smile to many a face. Owls are still a hot favourite! The added bonus with these little guys are  they also come at  some very hot prices with a sale reduction on selected "Have You Met Miss Jones" treasures!!
 Pencil cup - $26
 Sticky notes - $19.95
 Owl tealight - $20 {were $39!}
 Owl Lamp - $90!!! {were $135}
Owl trinket box $15, and Papa and Mini Kid owl $8 each
Amazing savings!! Owl be seeing you soon! ...:)

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