Friday, December 27, 2013

Farewell to Nest....

Wow! I am finally sitting here, it is now the other side of Christmas, and I am wondering where the month of December has disappeared to so rapidly! I apologise for the lack of posts throughout this period of craziness however I do hope that you all had the Merriest of Christmas's and have enjoyed the company of loving family and friends.

As I sit here in my reflective mood {feeling like I'm just about to compose the Queens speech! lol} I think back to the beginning of the year when somebody said to me in passing that 2013 would be the year of change...How fortuitous  those words have been for me. Not only in many personal ways, but in professional as well.

You have all witnessed publicly the battle I have had with myself in needing change within my career. The longing to be of assistance to people has seen me do a complete 360 degree turn heading back towards a career that I thought I'd never touch base with again. My year long "detox" of products and other poisonous situations that no longer serve my highest will and good, has seen my passion grow towards healthy and clean living. This is something that I wish to share with you and so I'm taking the plunge to do so in a non traditional form of beauty therapy.

My personal year of change has probably been most obvious to the outside world, and those that have visited Nest, in my appearance. This time last year I was a brunette with long wavy locks. Today I am a "brave" woman {The most common statement I've encountered :)}, who is embracing her short, silver do! I have battled the silver strands since the tender age of 17 and now at 43, I have made the conscious decision to accept my "authentic" self in attempt to eliminate the toxic chemicals I have been smothering my head in on such regular intervals as every three weeks!

The professional changes had me toing and froing for months. As the universe sometimes has the final say, my inability to sell Nest as a business, despite quite an interest,  has lead me to the decision that I really don't want to leave 82 Main Street, the beautiful little space that currently is occupied by my beloved Nest. And so therefore...I am staying... and Nest is going to be saying Goodbye.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being so amazingly supportive in following the journey of my little store. And as I close the curtains on this particular stage, I can only hope that you will remain seated, watch this space and wait for the curtains to rise again on a business that I hope will retain some essence of Nest, however will grow into a beautiful space in its own right. A space that will not only nourish your visual sense but also soothe your mind, body and soul....
I will be back at Nest on the 7th Jan for a final soiree, and a really BIG SALE :)! But then slowly the transition will begin... and over the next few months "AVALON" body boutique will be born... I can't explain to you exactly what it will become, I just know that it will evolve ...and this is what for me makes it so awesomely exciting !:) Bring on 2014!!


  1. I just found you through your pinterest and felt like I was seeing an online reflection of my pc (I don't have a pinterest but colect beautiful things and pics, on my pc). I was in awe because our taste and style are so similar. We're so distant from each other but wonderfully in sync as human beings. I hope your 2014 will bring you the magic you need to keep the dream flowing and I hope I can witness your happiness and success. Best wishes, Natalie*
    Nena M., Lisbon

  2. Oh wow Nat!
    What a decision - good luck to you on your journey - it will be beautiful no matter what you are doing x

  3. Gosh I'm pleased I had a chance to pop in at the tail end of Nest. You know, visiting you and your store was a treat whenever I ventured to the NW coast. The next time I see you will be at the beginning of your new adventure! All the best x