Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gone to a Good Home....

image courtesy of Allana
Call me silly, but I get so excited for people when I know they are receiving a gift that they truly love and desire...Here is an image of a gorgeous,"Have you Met Miss Jones?", owl lamp at her new home...The lovely receiver of this gift (Oh, i wish I had a sister to spoil me!) has an equally lovely young daughter who has decided to name the new feathered friend, "Mrs Norton", that is so sweet...
PS Don't forget the giveaway! Only days to go! Oh and by the way, I've decided that Nest will be open Friday, Burnie Show day....Come see me !:)


  1. What a great story behind the owl - Mrs Norton seems so right as a name :)

  2. I left without checking the nest lamps out I will have to make another trip up to see you soon
    your printing order will be on its way to you tomorrow x

  3. She sure has flown to a good home - we love her!! Thanks for the link xx