Friday, November 26, 2010

Through the Window...

I just wanted to share my Christmas window with you all...Penguin has its Christmas Parade Friday the 3rd December so it was time to get organised and prepare for the festivities!!
Big Christmas tags designed by Vicky of "In my pencil case"
Original and handmade!
"Big eyed Bunny" handmade by Grace of 'Oh JOI!'
Handwoven "Cradle" basket by Janine Morris of
Second Sister........
Porcelain Pear ornaments by Julie Hoddy of Magoolie Designs
Doily delights by Rosie of Notions


  1. Delicious! I just want to fly over to Tassie so I can view it for myself... hmmm... x

  2. love this display. i am going to have a doily wrapping/card theme this year too! xox

  3. Oooooh it's all so gorgeous Nat!
    I so wish I could come in for a visit....ONE DAY!!!

  4. a bit partial to porcelein this year - what a wonderful selection so beautifully displayed :)

  5. Tasmania seems to be full of so many interesting artisians and the food seems incredible. I can't wait to visit one day. I love the porcelain pear! Sonia