Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gabrielle Morgan Jewellery

The universe works in funny ways and it NEVER ceases to amaze me the way situations or people are brought into my life...

My next talented jewellery artist walked into NEST on a visit from Canberra, here to celebrate an important milestone birthday with her family..She was wearing the most stunning necklace composed of lace, resin and bits and pieces of vintage collectables....The next thing we were talking; I was ordering; and a business friendship was born...

Isn't it funny though when you sense you have a connection with someone? Long story short, I received an email from Gabby Morgan saying 'Hey, you know my parents!'....turns out I actually lived in a small house for a while owned by Gabby's lovely parents! This house I credit for enabling me to 'meet' my gorgeous husband! He lived on the opposite side of the road, down a bit, and when I would open my living room curtains he would be at his kitchen sink and we would wave!:)

BUT ANYWAY!.... Back on track...Self taught Gabby creates beautiful necklaces that can be worn in many ways...as a lariat, entwined with a scarf, shortened, lengthened or even wrapped around your wrist.

She uses vintage bias binding off lingerie, silk cord, fresh water pearls, glass beads, vintage crystals, old watch faces, resin pieces etc!!....(all of exquisite quality) to make the most irresistible pieces. I only have a few left in stock, however I am looking forward to receiving a package in the mail very soon......I'll be sure to let you know!


  1. Beautiful necklace, Have a sweet day!

  2. What a lovely story Nat, the necklace is gorgeous and I'm sure the next shipment will sell quickly!