Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aspire to be...

I found this handwritten note on a "tatty" piece of paper this morning as I shuffled through some draws in search of something else...These are words that I aspire to be and feel they are worthy of sharing with you, your daughters {and your son's for that matter!}...

Be the girl who ends an argument rather than starts one.

Be the girl who stops gossip rather than the one who begins it.

Be the girl who smiles at her neighbours.

Be the girl who listens first and speaks later.

Be the girl who reaches for her partners hand when they least expect you to.

Be the girl who is balanced in all she does.

Be the girl who makes right choices.

Above all else....
Be the girl that takes the time to understand others and their behaviour and use that knowledge to help others be all they are called to be.....

I try very hard to be this

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