Friday, January 27, 2012

Mrs Charlie......

These beautiful and whimsical cages are the creative work of the lovely Melissa Ninham. I only recently have had the pleasure of friending this inspiring lady and thought I would share with you some of Melissa's talent....background curtain an upcycled painters cloth!
I adore the rosary beads on this stunning dreamcatcher...
Miss Melissa's work room! How GORGEOUS!!
If you wish to see more of Melissa's inspiring creations you can do so on her lovely website {} that combines both her incredible talent for styling and the beautiful photography of her adoring partner Mr. Charlie.....As for the cages?...You can purchase one for yourself right here at Nest :)


  1. yippee!! I LOVE this!!! xxx

  2. Wow what a wonderful artist..I love the cages..but her work room looks like my dream home!
    off to look at their blog..cheerio!