Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For some, the onset of the cooler weather can send you into gathering mode, preparing in readiness for hibernation throughout the dark days of winter. Far from being as depressing as it sounds, winter can be the perfect time to coddle the depths of your creative soul...or in more simple terms...find a new hobby!
My inspiration for this weeks window comes from a fantastic book called "The Crafty Minx" by Kelly Doust. The pages are filled with creative ideas for crafting recycled and handmade treasures. And for those of you I can hear thinking "Oh, I just cant make a thing!",this may just be the book for you! With plenty of projects designed for even the most novice of crafters, Kelly will soon have you making things with the confidence of a pro!



  1. i,m going to visit your shop one day...looks devine!

  2. it gets us all eventually.....that crafting bug:) have fun, it's a great book.

  3. I agree that book is a real inspiration! great window display.
    Kate :)