Monday, December 3, 2012

Colourful Collection...

I was a teen in the 80's, forever scarred by the reign of "Fluorescent" colours that monopolized our wardrobes during that particular period. NEVER did I think it would EVER grace my store however I was unable to resist these gorgeous "Neon" {no longer called fluorescent!!} prints.  I think my regular visits on Pinterest have conditioned me to  the current trend that is dominating the design world once more.:)
 Embroidery, velvet and linen... in colours that will "Pop" in your decor!
And a little bit more me :)....gorgeous printed linens and velvet that will add a Bohemian, eclectic and cosy  feel to any interior decor setting                     

And as I look out the window of Nest I can see just how the "Neon" rage is spreading!!
Now, you cannot say we are behind the rest of the fashion world  here in Penguin !?! :)

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  1. ...i have never been a 'neon'fan either for the same reasons (stripy legwarmers anybody?).....but must admit these are very are changing my opinion too! x