Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And so anyway...

As everybody may be well aware, I made the decision  a little while ago to put my  precious Nest up for sale. The number one reason was to free me up again to spend important time with my beautiful husband and our children. Another is to honour  the feeling that I'm on a personal journey to make myself of service to those in our small part of the world in a more holistic way.
In what direction I'm going to achieve this however is not exactly clear to me at this stage ?!:) {Only a minor detail!}. I just believe that "nothing is by chance" and  that lately, more than ever, I have been analysing and going back over my life; my achievements, my jobs, my experiences and encounters,  with a sense that maybe everything that has happened to me to date has all been for the bigger picture? I know this all sounds very deep,{ and for me it is extremely soul baring!}, however I feel that it is necessary to share this with you, for it is from honesty and love that the essence of Nest exists.

 So as not to go on too long and bore you with my ramblings, I've had a thought.... until the day that special person arrives whom will be the new owner of Nest,  maybe I can share a bit of my personal journey with you in a way that may also be of some benefit to you in your life? Maybe talking about it will  clear the way for me as to which direction I should be even be  heading?
Do not worry! I'm not going to turn all "airy fairy" {and I can assure you I am NOT having a midlife crisis! :)} I'm just listening to a knowing inside me that I have been well aware of since I was  a small child. The beliefs that I wish to share I have always carried.   My confidence to be true to myself and the timing  just  hasn't been right......but now I know that it is. 
 Believe me when I say,  the principle of Nest will remain the same. I ADORE bringing beautiful treasures into your life but now I also aspire to make your life beautiful from the inside as well! From the things you surround yourself with, to the way you look at yourself as a person, I only wish for you to have the most amazing life that you can possibly achieve .  Hopefully little insights I can share with you through this media, to the products I bring into the store will all meld to make your life whole in mind, body and spirit.... I hope that you all can open yourself to what I feel is an extremely exciting journey through a humble little shopfront called Nest...I would love for you to walk beside me on my path..xo

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