Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Sister

I feel very fortunate that to find one of my stockists I didn't even have to leave town!

Janine Morris is one very clever lady.....

The afternoon before NEST opened, (organised?..I think not!) I rang her to see if she would be interested in supplying me? Being the gorgeous girl she is, Janine madly went about sewing her fingers to the bones (!), to bring me an array of delightful goodies the very next day! (Thankyou Janine! I will always be grateful:))

Janine is the creator of the sweet little toys I have in store that have been 'upcycled' using old blankets. One little guy was even made out of an old dressing gown, the same fabric of one which my father still wears!! Oh dear....:)
You can even have a go making a little penguin of your own using the gorgeous sewing kits she has put together. I also stock the colourful resin jewellery she makes using imprints of fossils, the baskets she weaves and the stunning wrap skirts she sews! So busy!!
At present Janine is working on her latest design, the "Dolly' watch this space as I'm sure to have one in stock very soon!!

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