Monday, July 12, 2010

Some pictures to tempt xx

Nothing quite compares with an item that has been handmade..As a product is made it is filled with a loving energy that can only come when being created in the hands of an artist who is passionate about their craft.

This is what I'm looking for when sourcing products for NEST...Sure you will find a few mass produced bits and bobs over time (I can't help passing up on things that are a bit quirky!), however, my main aim is to find things that are unique, beautiful and made with love...

Over time I will introduce you to the many talented designers that supply me with their gorgeous work....The first off the ranks is Helen Mansbridge of PILIPALA PIECES... This clever lady has produced a stunning range of pendant pieces which she makes by recycling old "scrabble" pieces! She also mounts them on Tasmanian Blackwood and has just produced a new line which I'm hoping to stock in NEST very soon... Oh, forgot to mention, Helen's one of our own talented, Tasmanian designers!
Also checkout the tea towels hanging on the wall..These too are Helen's. They have been inspired by the nursery rhyme "Fly away Peter, Fly away Paul"....There is also "Come back Peter", "Come back Paul".....Perfect gift for the Peter or Paul in your life (Just depending on what mood you're in!)......too cute!

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