Friday, May 27, 2011

Break away....

Well, it's been a over a year now since Nest began and as much as I have loved every single day I've decided it's time for a little holiday...In a couple of weeks my husband and I {Yes!! No children!!} are heading off for a week of bliss to Daylesford!! I've heard that it is a beautiful place to visit and so I can't wait! The down side is that I will be closing Nest for a week... I apologise if this will be an inconvenience to anybody planning to visit but I'm hoping that you will understand. It's only for a very short period and hopefully I will return home energised and ready for another amazing year! I may even come home with some new goodies....:)

Going on a holiday!

My Tony & I....

In search of treasures....

But anyway... that's a week away and so still plenty to show you before then .....:)


  1. Oh what a shame you won't be around when I take my little holiday to the Apple Isle.

    Penguin and Nest were on my list of places to visit............

    Don't begrudge you a holiday, you'll have a wonderful time in Daylesford, it will be chilly, so be warned hehe.......

    Claire :}

  2. That's great you are having a romantic getaway! You dreamt it and now it's a reality.. encourages me to do the same. You'll get to visit Lark (and lots of other beautiful places Ive heard about). Have a fab time, you deserve it.xx

  3. Oh Yay, how exciting! Where are you staying? We adored Daylesford and can't wait to go back again sometime soon (hopefully to stay at Lark House!)
    Have an amazing and relaxing time xxx

  4. Thank you everyone! And Claire...for you I am opening now on Sunday! :)...totally no pressure to visit! lol....Seriously though, if you do pass through come in and say hi to Shelley and I can totally recommend either lunch at Wild Cafe or a coffee and cake at Renaessance...Penguin is a gorgeous place to visit :)