Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tea time...

For that perfect cup of tea..... Preheat your cup or pot. Be sure to not over boil the water.Brew for 2-4 mins and serve {if desired} with sugar or honey to taste.....Most importantly take the time to sit for a moment and enjoy....maybe in a favourite spot?....maybe with a favourite cup?

And how special would these cups be?! Yes, they are back! Hugely popular, the hidden animal teacups are back at Nest! In three designs; Bear, Fox and Owl. Be quick though before they all find a special home.....

And here is a question for you guys.... When my Grandmother made a pot of tea I vaguely remember that she would swivel the pot so many times one way and then so many times the other. Does anybody know what that was about? {And no, I'm fairly certain she didn't suffer from OCD! :)}

If anybody can solve my longtime mystery I have a gorgeous "Peppermint Tea" brooch from Notions that I would love to send your way......x


  1. My Nan used to do this so she got a correct "reading" in her tea leaves... not sure how much that helped it along!! xx

  2. Swivelling the teapot would allow loose tea leaves to settle, ensuring a well mashed/infused pot of tea is there to fill your cup!

  3. Thanks everybody! My mystery is solved! Thank you for your imput! The question was answered on my facebook, however Emily and Kate, if you would like to send me your addresses I would love to send you a little something also x

  4. The other possibility is that your Nan was in to liquid physics. There's a long gone man called Schauberger who found that by swirling water so that it formed a little vortex ( like a cyclone in the water) just prior to drinking it was better for you! :)

  5. Oh damn, I totally know the answer but it is too late :( It is definently to infuse the tea with the leaves better (hopefully) resulting in a delicious cuppa' - Oh well, BUT I must say that I love love love these cups and will be heading down to nest shortly to get several :) xo

  6. Great minds think alike!