Thursday, May 31, 2012

Business as Usual!...

Why do holidays go so fast?? :) Well it's back to work after having a lovely break at beautiful Bangalow, NSW....What a gorgeous place! The shops were gorgeous! The people equally as gorgeous! I fell in love with the place!...I'll be sure to show you some pics in the coming weeks so as to share this amazing location..:)

Coming home though was lovely {I missed my pillow!} As I had predicted I was greeted by an abundance of parcels and have slowly been opening them through the week... Below is a snippet of a couple of new things to be now found at Nest....

New cushions, new prints and more to be shown soon!


  1. Hi Nat. welcome back. Good old Bangalow hey! I do hope you stopped off at the fabulous bakery, and my favourite shop, Millar and More, not to mention the antique/second hand yard around the corner and the other little shop just before you get to the big yard. I could easily move there tomorrow and live happily ever after! have a good weekend. Jane x

  2. Looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps! :)