Monday, June 11, 2012

Beautiful Bangalow!

A recent break away saw my husband and I visiting a gorgeous little town in NSW called Bangalow {15mins up the road and inland from Byron Bay}. It really is a beautiful place that reminds me very much of home aside from the fact that every now again you would drive past a banana plantation or a glorious garden full  of palm trees. And the Queenslander style homes! How I do love them! We actually stayed in a beautiful one which I will be sure to share with you soon.
This place below  however, had me in "collectors" heaven! I immediately wanted to move here so that I could adorn my home with stuff!!!! Everything that I adore, it appeared, was here all under one roof! And not to say, spilling out the doors as well!
Treasure everywhere!

Sewing cabinet drawers!

Scrabble tiles! {There were drawers full of them!}

Vintage maps and boxes!

 Filing cabinets!

More maps!
More boxes!

I was in awe! A must visit if you go to Bangalow...I only wish I could have brought everything home :)


  1. Oh my! How could you leave without everything!

  2. Oooooohhhh all those beautiful things!! I love places like that.. i can spent days in there :)

  3. I have been to Heaths old wares many times and yes it is could spend hours in there. I'm lucky as it's just south of the border from us.
    Bec x