Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bunches & bunches!!

Monday was my Birthday!! A very special day that I also share with my Dad. He this year celebrated an even more important birthday than I as he turned 70! We both had a lovely day and I just wanted to share with you one of the moments that absolutely "made my day".....

Below are the 3 bunches of flowers I received from two of the most precious in my life. The first two are from my gorgeous husband and the third from beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful 8 year old, Luke....
Monday afternoon he bounded into the house after school, {BEAMING!}with a grin from ear to ear. He was taken aback for a moment when he saw the 2 large vases of flowers that he been left to surprise me. "WOW!! Look at those flowers!!!" he proclaimed. After a few seconds of quizzing the grin came back to his face and very proudly and quite unperturbed, from behind his back presented me with the tiny little bunch of dandelions. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wow!" he said,"Now you have THREE bunches!" :)

Well,.... I just melted....The little collection that he had gathered on his way home from school {without prompting} was one of the most special gifts I received that day......

As I said, I wanted to share but I guess this is also an important post for my own benefit....Little moments like this I just never want to forget......


  1. I think I may want to move into your house judging by these pics!! Beautiful! xx

  2. There is something special about little boys. More loving, I think. But you would know that obviously.

  3. Such a gorgeous tale Nat - makes those tough days of motherhood melt away eh! What a fine partner Luke will make when he is older too - a thoughtful soul.