Tuesday, March 29, 2011

two in a tea cup......

Now... these are the most intricate and BEAUTIFUL little handmade creations I have had in Nest to date!" Two in a tea cup" is the new label of a very clever Mother and Daughter team from Hobart, Deborah and Mia. Combining their talents, "two in a tea cup" have created a gorgeous range of hand stamped cards, labels, display pegs and my most favourite thing, ...Nests!!! The detail in these little works is absolutely exquisite! Ever so carefully woven in amongst the tiny vines are dainty glass beads, fluffy bird feathers and delicate branches....
Treasure in the nest....egg shaped stones hand painted with gold hearts

This one looks like it has a tiny nest within a nest!

Little bird homes made with love..... Hand cut and hand stamped pegs..Use them as bookmarks, photo display or just to attach a card to a parcel? Only limited by your imagination...:) A beautiful tag for any occasion....... Thank you ladies....so happy you have found a home in Nest x


  1. Thanks so much Natalie for the lovely comments - 'two in a teacup' is thrilled and very privileged to have our work in such a beautiful store.