Monday, March 7, 2011


Finally they have arrived!! All the way from Canada! As seen in a recent "Frankie" Magazine, these hidden animal teacups are simply divine....

There's a bear in there! And a fox and owl too!!

Quite ample in size, these beautiful cups are the perfect way to enjoy that big "cuppa" tea, luscious hot chocolate or even a winter warming soup...The only thing is deciding on which one!


  1. Oh my how cute - might have to make the trip up very soon and grab one of those!

  2. HI NAT, I love these, we have one that was my husbands, 30 ISH years old, its a crocodile ! I would love one for my little guy ...
    online store ??

  3. I want one!
    However, I don't live on the NW coast. Investigations shall begin here...

  4. Oh I remember seeing them in Frankie and thinking 'how adorable- I want one!'. They're such sweet little designs :)

  5. Just gorgeous!! Do you have an online store? How much and how much is postage to WA?