Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daylesford Highlight!!....

Well, as I had mentioned the other day,our holiday to Daylesford was fabulous!! The highlight for me however?... I met DAVID BROMLEY!! Who is David Bromley some may ask?...He is an amazing Australian artist, whose work I have admired for many, MANY years..

I believe he has two very distinctive styles. One is creating images of children, the likes of which have jumped straight out of the pages of vintage story books and the other style, his sensuous,larger than life, waist up nudes...I LOVE both! I one day aspire to have a David Bromley painting in my home but at this stage I don't think I will ever be able to afford one! ...To be honest though I didn't even realise he had a studio at Daylesford, so you can imagine my excitement when we discovered it!!

At the time of our visit his studio,"A Day on Earth" was in shambles { they were currently rearranging}, needless to say though I did not care. I was in absolute awe of his collection of works {paintings and sculptures} and vintage paraphernalia.

I must say we felt like we were treated like royalty whilst we were there and he even let us into his private space to have a look! It was fantastic! I was like a starstruck teen and I know Tony was feeding off my excitement also...:)

Just above the blue painting on the bus you can see a shadow inside..That's David!! {hehe}

*sigh*...I could go on and on but I don't like to bore you with too much of my personal ramblings... If however you would like to know and see more of David's work, as well as take a glimpse into his INCREDIBLE Chapel street studio, I stumbled across an interview with David here.....In the meantime I'll just go back to manifesting a David Bromley to hang upon my walls.....

{ PS.} and thank you to Tim Clarkson for being so lovely...you guys made my holiday :)


  1. So very very jealous, my heart skipped a beat as I read your post, I'll happily join in the teen stalking and love for David Bromley with you.

  2. Ahhh! Lucky you :) David is such a talented artist. I have a whole folder full of magazine articles on his work. Thanks for sharing these photos of his studio :D