Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Girl Crush...

I know there are many out there {myself included!} that are absolutely besotted with the Australian series "OFFSPRING". The lovable character of Nina Proudman {played by the beautiful Asher Keddie} is one that I can truly relate to! As I sit here asking and answering questions in my own head {!}, I'm sure that everybody may see a little of Nina in themselves at times? One thing I do know for certain is Nina is inspiring and influencing women all over with her beautiful bohemian style...

The one thing I love about Nina's "look" is that it is very achievable! Sure,I understand that her ability to "throw" things together and look fabulous doesn't always work in real life. There are days when I have stood in front of the mirror and my over "layering" has left me resembling the likes of a coat rack! This is when my favourite mantra comes into play..."less is more". I always remember reading, before you leave the house, take one last look and then remove an accessory...{and no..that does not mean leaving your partner at home!}.

I love that Nina does the scarf thingy! I LOVE scarfs! I have many! For that reason you will always find a beautiful scarf at Nest. Another of Nina's accessories that is creating quite a stir is her absolutely GORGEOUS "Nancy Bird" bag. "Nancy Bird" is another brand that you will always find at Nest! I DID have it in store however it was quickly snapped up. If you are lusting after Nina's bag , please let me know as I may just be able to organise it..... :)

Tan 'Nolan' Bag by Nancy Bird

So...., if you haven't met Nina you must take a peek at "Offspring". She really is lovely..and I must say there is some rather fine looking male talent on the show at the moment also! However, I do miss Doctor Chris......and I'm sure Nina does too...*sigh*


  1. She is wonderful isn't she! Such a great show, I hate waiting for the next episode, I just want to stay immersed in Nina land forever lol.
    O love the red West bag too, so beautiful. I definitely have a NancyBird bag on my wishlist :)

  2. I love Asher Keddie, but I have to say I haven't watched 'Offspring' yet. I thought she was incredible in Love My Way.

  3. Oh my gosh, Im so glad there are others that love Offspring as much as me! Except I am deeply disappointed in Chris Havvel not appearing in season 2; they looked like they were made for each other. I keep hoping he will return and sweep her off her feet?

  4. My mums cousin, John Edwards, is the producer of Offspring! Isn't the show just great?! I myself, am a massive fan!

  5. I heard a rumor that Dr Chris IS returning to 'shake things up' with Patrick! Love that bag :)