Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clean Teens!

A post I received on my Facebook page yesterday from a gorgeous young lady has prompted me to write about how important introducing the "Jacqueline Evans" skincare range to your teen could be! Not only is it a perfect, simple routine that will play a beneficial role in the long term care of their skin but  will also give you the peace of mind that your babies aren't absorbing the abundance of dangerous chemicals that are discretely hidden in so many products these days! Did you know that recent research has found that young women may be absorbing up to as many as 500 chemicals a day through their beauty routines!! What long term effects are these going to have?? It really does frighten me!!
I know I will sound JUST like my mother! lol.., but oh, if only I knew then what I do today! :)  Even though I was fortunate to have started working in a career of beauty therapy at 15, I haven't  always been diligent! In fact there was a time {around having babies, when ALL "you" time goes on the back burner :)}when I practically used nothing at all!! One major tip I tell all young ones however, as well as your face,  put sunscreen on the back of your hands!! As I sit here typing looking at the age spots and sun damage that have begun to appear, how I wish I had adopted this practice  at an earlier age!
So back to the teens... Teach them the basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. Applying sunscreen {Hunting for a more natural one as we speak!}to the face and hands and drumming it in that if you do the work now {and just as importantly, feed their bodies well on the inside}, you will hopefully benefit later!  Not always easy an easy task as you tell this to  the beautiful young lady with flawless skin or the young man that declares that the junk food he eats makes no difference, however  a wonderful legacy nonetheless  that   you can share with your children... In later life I'm sure they will thank you :)

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