Friday, July 12, 2013

Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skin Care...

I am incredibly excited to introduce you to Jacqueline Evans naturopathic skin care!  After years of being an ostrich, preferring to hide my head in the sand and ignore the warnings of the many dangers of conventional products and the chemicals they contain, I am ready to face the music and take responsibility to make wiser choices for the sake of my own health and my family's.  I'm hoping to  be able to share my insights over time with you as well...
It really is quite frightening to read some of the information I've been uncovering! For example, were you aware that some chemicals found in body products, once absorbed can mimic oestrogen in the body which may contribute to hormone imbalance?? This can lead to weight gain, acne, menstrual irregularities and even mood disorders???? Pretty scary!!
A good rule of thumb is if you can't eat it, why put it on the largest, most absorbent organ of the body?
Jacqueline Evans is a high quality, certified organic, natural skincare range for the use of both women and men. Yes fellas! No excuses these days not to be looking after your skin! It contains no harsh or detrimental chemicals and is rich in antioxidants {those wonderful ingredients that help to fight off the nasties!}
I have been using this range for a little while myself and I adore it! In all honesty, I think I'm in love with the   peace of mind  I also  feel whilst using it. It puts a whole new meaning to that "Clean" skin feeling!!

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