Saturday, August 21, 2010

Michelle Dupont - Photographer Extraordinaire

These beautiful shots I just had to share....They were taken by the amazing Michelle Dupont. I have told Michelle that I believe that she is living the creative life that I can only dream about :)

This beautiful lady turns what appears ordinary through the camera lens, into the view her work please follow the link above. Her stunning portrait work will leave you in awe....
You can also meet Michelle this weekend if you visit the Niche Market in Launceston. There you will find her selling her wares as result of her other talents; knitting, crocheting, sewing, paper craft......As I said, she is amazing!!

If all goes to plan, I too shall be at the market, wandering around the 50 or so stall holders, searching and sourcing hopefully for new wares for 'Nest'. I'm very excited! I will also be catching up with some that already sell in my store; Rosie from Notions and Susan from Blackeyed Susie....
If you go into the store on Saturday, the dark handsome man behind the counter will be 'mine' husband, Tony...He is very keen to have a good day in my absence however has requested that I announce there will be NO gift wrapping that Please be kind to him! I may need him to work in the future and wish not to have him left emotionally scarred! lol


  1. Oh My!! Those photos are incredible Nat!!
    I am really hoping to get down to Niche too , it looks wonderful :)

  2. Lovely shots. The shop looks just stunning. Must bundle the kids in the car and cruise up soon. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday!