Monday, August 30, 2010

Check out this little guy!!

Well, I came home from a very successful day spent at Niche Markets with my BFF, to find my husband had done a wonderful job... In fact, I think I've created a monster! lol...

At Niche, as well as catching up with Michelle - two and six, Rosie - Notions, Susan- Blackeyed Susie, and Penguins' own gorgeous Lyn Broomhall - Lyn's Maille (find her at the Penguin Market!), I also met some lovely new people and checked out their beautiful products. So please keep popping in as I'll have some new locals in store very soon!

As I always seem to be preaching, there is no doubt there is something wonderful about handmade....The little fat sparrow above is an adorable example...These little guys are made by one of our own from down south, Tonia Gretschmann...I do have a few in store for sale, however people tend to gulp when they see the price on this tiny work of art.

That is why Tonia has put together a complete sewing kit (at a fraction of the price!!) with everything you need in it to make your own...All that you need to supply is the time and of course the patience...:0)

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  1. He is too sweet. Will have to check out the pattern for this little guy. Hope your week has been fabulous. x