Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have you met Miss Jones?

White, simple and classy....This best describes the beautiful raw bone china pieces of the lovely Miss Jennifer Jones...This little bunny below is an example of one of the gorgeous lamps that I currently have in store...I think of them as night lights for grownups :)......other lamps include owls, squirrels and a stunning nest with a little bird perched on the side..

As well as lamps there are many other everyday objects forever immortalised in china including birdhouse votives, intricate keys (make a lovely house warming gift) and button dishes..."Have you Met Miss Jones" has just launched their latest collection so watch this space as I will definitely have some new treasures in "Nest" very soon...

Nestled amongst "Millie Paper + Cloth" stationery and the beautiful re-usable journal covers from "Rabbit and the Duck" (more about them another time)..........

What a view these bunnies have!!

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  1. I asked Ella what her Daddy and her would be choosing from Nest for my birthday and after saying "nothing" (humph!!) she said "one of those rabbit lights that would be nice in our bedroom" - ah she's a great little shopper my girl! Will be in soon xx
    PS. check out:
    thought you might like her work xx