Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas is coming!.....

I LURRRRV CHRISTMAS!...It was a day made especially for the likes of me! In fact the meaning of my name {Natalie} is "Christmas Child"! So there, I was stamped to embrace all aspects of Christmas from the day I was born...:)

Here is a sneak peek of some of the delightful Christmas goodies that are beginning to creep into Nest!....
Beautiful hand made decorations by Brenda of "Red Stitch Designs"

Delicate paper decorations..Inexpensive and PERFECT treats for slipping in Xmas cards...Ideal for friends on the mainland or overseas!

"Night before Christmas" candles by my longtime favourite, "Glasshouse'...This year presented in a STUNNING antique look glass jar....
Classic, letter pressed, Tasmanian made tags and gift cards by Narelle of "Ruby Victoria Letterpress. Narelle's tags can actually be seen in the latest 'peppermint' magazine!!
So please pop in and delight in these little Christmas treasures....and keep posted...more spesh things arriving soon!!!


  1. Yum yum, Nat!!! I'm itching to get down there and check out that new Christmassy stock! I love those paper snowflakes - will be down to buy a whole pile of them very soon...

  2. i'm seeing that birds pop up everywhere at nest :)
    what a delight all these goodies are - it's really starting to bring Christmas cheer to the front row !