Thursday, October 7, 2010

Proud to present " Magoolie Designs"

With my love for "all white" and textural, I was instantly taken by the beautiful jewellery handcrafted in Tassie , by Julie Hoddy of Magoolie Designs. Made from Southern Ice Porcelain (even the name of the material sounds divine!) these stunning pieces appeal to all ages.....

And if you like some colour, Julie also creates gorgeous earrings on silver hoops and brooches that are reminiscent of vintage pink, blue and white china...Perfect compliments to those Spring and Summer outfits....


  1. Gorgeous display. I love her products I purchased a little brooch of hers at a market in Hobart. I wish I lived near by your lovely little shoppe.

    Next time I take a road trip north will have to stop by for a visit.

    Have a lovely week xox

  2. Looks gorgeous Nat! Coming in with my other sister soon and for afternoon tea at Wild!!

  3. what lovely ceramics - great find for your shop Nat.
    I like that wire card rack you have them displayed on :)

  4. Oooh I just stumble upon your blog, your shop looks gorgeous, I will have to call in next time i'm up your way :)