Monday, October 25, 2010

Snippets of "Nest"

Here are some pics of "Nest"
Sooo lucky to be on the sunny side of the street :)
Ask Alice Stationery and Pili Pala pendants and tea towels

Beautiful pieces from Geneine Honey of "Love"

Journal covers and fabric clutches, "The Rabbit and the Duck"
Have a lovely week ! xx


  1. now I want to come to Tassie even more! Your shop looks gorgeous - and yes - so lucky to be on the sunny side!

  2. Oh Teaser! Must come and visit soon :)

  3. Nat - i'm always most amazed at how beautiful your shop is set up - you fit so much in there, and so nicely.
    The red tile on your shop front is great ;)

  4. Popping over (and following :oD) from Claire's. I so want to come to Tassie and walk into your shop It looks so fresh and full of gooodies! Very nice.

  5. I wish you were had your shop there 2 - 3 years ago I would of spent my breaks browsing lovely things! I did my full chefs apprenticeship with Jacquie and Dave at the fabulous Wild cafe! hoping to pop in there next visit..

  6. Hello XX,

    your blog is very wunderful.
    You make lovly thinks.

    greatings sent you Conny