Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear little birds...Oh dear....

Today, I'm sitting here feeling a little sad.....I was so excited! I had a pair of little swallows busily working the last week or so creating a home under my awning..They were nesting at Nest !...However, late yesterday afternoon, just after I had taken these photos that I was going to use in a post to celebrate the arrival of my new little family, something caught my eye.... was the little mud construction as it went crashing to the ground :(

These photos show the little entwined soft spot I managed to salvage off the path.
So much effort put in to be gone in a second......
One thing I feel grateful for is that there wasn't already a little family residing there...
Fly away birdies...I think you need a safer place to nest......


  1. Oh how sad. They might have to go to nest building lessons! I adore those little white birds. They are so sweet.

  2. maybe it was just a practice run on nest building :)

  3. aww :( but like Killiecrankie farm said maybe it was a test run? We had a little nest in a tree in the backyard and it has been there for 12mths and never lived in.I have seen some birdies check it out but never for more than a day or two.

  4. Nesting at Nest! That's fantastic!!
    We have swallows nesting in the top of one of our sheds. It's way too high to see in or whats going on at all, but I've loved seeing them coming and going.
    And, what's more, the Beloved has allowed sparrows to build a nest in the stockpile of wood lyng across rafters in the workshop ceiling. There's straw and feathers and um... stuff everywhere. It's a mess. is the season these little birds need a home. Who could deny them that...?!! :)
    I have no doubt the resourceful little birds at your shop will find another, less precarious spot! Fingers crossed it may be close and you might spot them in a day or two... :)