Monday, October 18, 2010

Bright "Bowls" of Fluff!

As you know, I'm in love with a lot of things :)...but these, I'm REALLY in love with!!! These beautiful bowls have been felted (by my request) by a very clever lady named Tish....They feel so soft and tactile and are perfect for placing all those fiddly, scratchy bits that can easily damage precious furniture pieces....Perfect home for the keys!..

The first set Tish made me didn't even make it off the counter! A lovely lady bought them to use as stacking cups for a toddler...How special is that! A gift that can then continue with a useful purpose into adulthood.

Also by Tish, felted Bird Garlands

To feel them is to love them, and with a delightful array of naturals and brights there is sure to be a set that you will fall in love with too....


  1. Can't wait to visit your store again Nat. It seems to be even more full of gorgeous wares.

  2. They are superb - Tash is so very talented (and patient given how much work is involved in felting).

  3. they are gorgeous and much more rounded and lovely than the ones I attempted to do not long ago lol Glad I found you here :)

  4. Love them - would make an excellent gift for little ones :)

  5. these are just gorgeous, beautiful colours. very clever:)